Cold Plunge Tubs

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  • The Polar Plunge Tub The Polar Plunge Tub

    Dundalk The Polar Plunge Tub

    Boost your energy and elevate your mood with our Polar Cold Plunge Tub manufactured in Canada by Leisurecraft this aluminum shell with white cedar skirt is your quality solution for cold plunge therapy with or without a sauna. The optional roll up cover...
    $5,728.00 - $6,925.00

  • The Baltic Plunge Tub The Baltic Plunge Tub

    Dundalk The Baltic Plunge Tub

    The Baltic Cold Plunge therapy tub can be used with our electric chiller unit or you can keep the water cold by adding ice into the water as needed. This Canadian made cold therapy barrel completes the saunas in our Canadian Timber Collection made with...
    $4,586.00 - $5,783.00